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Wilton woven
Floor Covering Luxury

Since 1923

A tad headstrong, New Franco Belge. Impossible to take in this wall-to-wall carpet in a single glance. Perhaps because the Belgian brand comes with such a rich history.

A past in which New Franco Belge has consistently remained attached to exclusive products. With a sense of style, grandeur and tradition, and an unqualified predilection for natural materials. Not to mention a keen eye for an exceptional finish for what has been close to a century.

Today, this talent for traditional weaving translates into an exquisite feat of weaving technique. Quite literally so, as the Wilton carpets’ durability is unsurpassed. The pile is woven in a single continuous filament yarn that has the fibres continue around the back to build a sturdy, tightly woven carpet, with room for character and distinction.

As evidenced by numerous exclusive home interior projects across the globe – from refreshing carpets in core-dyed New Zealand wool all the way up to wall-to-wall designs in silk and linen even. Which explains why New Franco Belge is a constant source of inspiration for today’s architects and decorators.

‘Manufacture Franco Belge de Tapis’ boasts a rich history. This history gets underway shortly after the First World War, in 1923, in the heart of West Flanders, a region that is home to a unique piece of industrial textile history.

Before long, the company claims its own rightful place in the world of textiles. On the strength of its mastery and professional expertise in the field of weaving techniques but equally on the merit of the company’s flexible stance. Throughout its entire history, New Franco Belge manages to act in swift response to customers’ needs and wishes, whilst consistently remaining faithful to its vision of quality: luxury carpets that have that little extra. Synthetic yarns simply do not get a look-in.

During the Second World War, manufacturing operations temporarily grind to a halt as a result of bombing raids. But with a firm sense of purpose the factory is rebuilt to reach its heyday in the 1960s, offering employment to over 400 people. Over the decades to come, the brand would continue to reinforce its position as a high-end manufacturer of wall-to-wall carpeting made from natural materials.

Sadly, the economic downturn is also leaving its mark on the European textile industry. But by investing in a self-willed course – continuing to focus on exclusive products – the Belgian carpet collections are looking at a rose-tinted future ahead. Today sees New Franco Belge adding an exciting new chapter to its glorious past as part of Le Tissage d’Arcade.

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